My little sister is just about to move in to her first apartment. For her housewarming gift she has asked me to stock her medicine cabinet with homemade natural remedies. I have taken it upon myself to also throw in a few little extras, like these cotton makeup remover pads.

I had initially seen the idea on Pinterest, but when the time came to make them I found that I was too lazy to go through all my pins to find the pattern (my laziness is surely attributed to the 105 degree weather we’re having today). So I made up my own pattern:

Makeup Remover Pads:

You will need a small amount of cotton or cotton blend yarn, an I/5.50mm hook, a tapestry needle for weaving in the ends, and a pair of scissors.

  • Make a magic circle (there are some great tutorial on YouTube if you don’t know how to do this).
  • Round 1: Chain 3 then DC12 in the circle. Pull the circle closed. Slip stitch into the CH3 to join.
  • Round 2: CH3 then DC2 in each stitch. Slip stitch into the CH3 to join. Fasten off.
  • Weave in ends and that’s it!

I hope my sister enjoys these and doesn’t lose them as quickly as she loses socks ;)